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Film Promotion: Dada Saheb phalke

Congratulations! We are pleased to announce that DEJA VU is now a Winner in the competition.

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Brief Synopsis
is a film about the cycle of life like the cycle of water. A mysterious character named Jibon lives an unceremonious life. he jumps into the ocean and drags the garbage thrown by man. Jibon finds a girl on the tide. the next day he meets bibek, and they have a deep conversation about life. One morning, three evil men try to catch him with bad intentions. Jibon saves the girl. The next morning, the girl’s guardian shows up and brings her back.

Key Cast

Additional Cast

Film Crew

Film Technical Specifications

Project Type: Short Film
Runtime: 23 Minutes 45 Seconds
Production Budget: 2,000 USD
County Of Origin: Bangladesh
Country of Filming: Bangladesh
Language: Bengali
Shooting Format: Digital
Aspect Ratio: 4K / 2K (Super 35 Exmor sensor)
Film Color: Color
No of Films: First

Director Statement

is a short film in which we have tried to identify two moving events in the world which are happening around us now. we are watching again and again but not taking it seriously. Our beloved earth is being purified by the ocean and every now and then a huge amount of waste, especially plastics, is being dumped in that sea, which is not only polluting the sea water but also causing various natural problems. The people of this world have no choice but to be aware of climate change. We are avoiding this problem that is constantly happening, and consciously thinking this is none of my business. In the same way, all over the world, women are still considered as women-only never as human beings, every life is built only on the contribution of women. There are many wasted people who still think women are still a luxury which is not right. Women are more human than men. Deja Vu movie is a result of the best efforts of everyone on my team. As I have a very small team, it took us a while to bring up the whole content, drop by drop we made this Deja Vu movie. This film is a result of the best efforts of everyone on my team. We want our message to reach people all over the world through world films, to make everyone aware of the need to stop sea pollution, and to respect and honor women.

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